Schedule of Fees for Information Requests as of 3-19-13

Record Type Copy Charge
Appraisal Record Card 3.00 per card
Budget No charge
Computer Printouts 1.00 per page
Documents, Existing Township, 1-sided .10 per page
Documents, Existing Township, 2-sided .15 per page
Facsimile Transmission No charge
Fire Reports 3.00 per report
Map, Zoning 3.00 per map
Map, Township (street) 2.50 per map
Master Plan Book 30.00 per book
Materials Provided by Customer .10 per page
Meeting Agenda, Synopsis, Minutes No charge
Meeting Tapes (audio) 5.00 per CD
Microfiche Documents 1.00 per page
Ordinance 49, No Trespass, Application Fee First Year: $25.00; Renewal: $10.00
Ordinances, Individual (sections or full text) No charge
Plans (if not protected by copyright) 6.00 per sheet
Plat Map 1.00 per map
Realtor Summary 2.00 per summary
Subscription to Regularly Issued Construction Reports 10.00 per 6 month subscription (electronic)
15.00 per 6 month subscription (mailed)
Tax Roll Database (winter or summer) 200.00 per file
Valuation Statement 2.00 per statement
Voter Registration Lists (CD) 25.00 per CD (any size file)