Safety Path Advisory Committee

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Regular Members Term Expiration Date Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the
second Tuesday of every month unless
otherwise noted. Meetings are held in
lower level of Township Hall.
Michael Brinkmann 12-31-15
B.C. Cotter 12-31-15
Eugene Snowden, Jr. 12-31-14 2014 Meeting Dates

Anthony Cook 12-31-14 Jan 14 Jul – no meeting
Taylor Reynolds 12-31-15 Feb 11 Aug 12
Jerry Richards 12-31-14 Mar 11 Sep 9
Donni Steele, Board Rep. 11-20-16 Apr 8 Oct – no meeting
May 13 Nov 11
Non-Voting Member Term Expiration Date Jun 10 Dec – no meeting
(Alternates for Voting Members)
Gerald Lee 12-31-15
Non-Voting Member
(Twp. Employee Responsible for Safety Paths)
Jeff Stout, Operations Director
Additional Non-Voting Member
Mike Flood, Jr.